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Age in Place & Stay in Your Home

Stay in Your Home & Age in Place with Help from Love at Home Senior Care

Does your parent or loved one prefer to age in place in his or her home rather than an assisted living facility or nursing home?

If this is your situation and your elderly family member or friend would prefer to age in the place of his or her choosing, then Love at Home Senior Care in Spokane can help. Our trained and specialized caregivers can be on hand to facilitate and take care of their daily needs. From companionship and daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, general household chores, and running errands, our caregivers help your family member to maintain their independence while being able to do the things they want to do. This way he or she can stay in their own home instead of institutions such as an assisted living facility or nursing home.

So when your loved ones reach the time in their lives and desire to age in place, Love at Home Senior Care has the staff and solutions to help you accomplish this. For more information about how you or your loved one can age in place, Contact Andy today at 509-474-0663.