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Can Rain Make Arthritis Pain Worse?

Ask your aging relative’s doctor about how weather affects arthritis pain, and they might tell you it doesn’t. Many arthritis experts say there is no proof that weather makes joint pain and swelling worse. But, if you ask a senior who has arthritis, they may just disagree.

Elderly Care in Liberty Lake WA: Weather and Arthritis Pain

Elderly Care in Liberty Lake WA: Weather and Arthritis Pain

Weather and Arthritis.

There is some research that shows a possible link between arthritis and the weather. Some people believe that the change in arthritis symptoms has to do with a change in barometric pressure. Barometric pressure is a fancy way of saying air pressure, or how much the atmosphere that surrounds us presses against our bodies.

WebMD uses a balloon metaphor to explain. They say that the tissues around the joint are like a balloon. When the barometric pressure is high, the tissues cannot expand, much the same way it would be hard to blow up a balloon while holding it tightly in your hand. Right before weather turns bad, the barometric pressure often drops, and the tissues are able to expand, or swell. The swollen tissues press against the joint, causing pain.

How to Prevent Weather Related Pain.

Even if there isn’t enough scientific evidence to prove that weather can cause worsening of arthritis symptoms, if your aging relative experiences increased pain when it rains or when it is cold, you’ll want to help them feel better.

On rainy days, choose clothing for the senior a little more carefully. Wearing loose layers can help older adults to keep their joints warm. Body heat gets trapped between the clothing layers, acting like insulation. Also, make sure they wear warm socks and shoes or boots that will keep their feet dry. An elderly care provider can assist the senior to pick the right clothes. They can also help the older adult to dress if their painful joints make it difficult.

Staying inside on rainy days may also help prevent worsening pain. An elderly care provider can help the older adult to stay active even when they cannot go outside. Some activities that an elderly care provider could help the older adult with are:

  • Walking indoors, such as at a mall or an indoor track.
  • Doing exercises while watching television.
  • Driving them to an exercise class, like yoga.
  • Turning on some music and dancing.


Elderly care providers can also help older adults to manage their arthritis pain by reminding them to take their medications. The senior can also rest while the elderly care provider takes care of household chores.


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Andy Niska, Owner

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