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France is the Next Country to Create an Alzheimer’s Village

Just about 9.5 miles south of Amsterdam sits the city of Weesp. The world’s first dementia village is found in Weesp. Hogeweyk is unique in that it looks like a town, but it’s secure and fully staffed with caregivers who blend in with the residents.

Senior Care in Spokane WA: Alzheimer's Villages

Senior Care in Spokane WA: Alzheimer’s Villages

What is Hogeweyk Like?

Hogeweyk is designed to be a gated community. In this case, the gates blend into the design and are meant to keep seniors with dementia from wandering and getting lost. Seniors are welcome to stroll along the village streets and go to the grocery store, visit a cafe, or chat in the town square. Close to two dozen homes are found in the community and house the elderly. Each one caters to a senior’s strengths and interests.

The housing is broken down into homes for seniors who enjoy city living, arts, the traditional Dutch culture, or religion. That’s just a few. Doors don’t have locks or alarms. It’s a stress-free, calming environment for everyone who lives there.

Other European Countries Are Joining the Movement.

Hogeweyk’s success is starting to catch on. NORD Architects is about to break ground on a dementia village in Dax, France. The gated community will have four neighborhoods surrounding a village square. It’s hoped the community will be ready for seniors to move in by the end of 2019.

Once opened, France will join a small number of dementia villages popping up in Europe. Two others are in the works. Architects are working on a hillside village in Denmark and a full dementia city in Norway that will include tour guides who can lead seniors home if they need help.

The United States hasn’t been as quick to consider this unique memory care housing idea. The first dementia village is found in California, but it is only an adult day center. Housing is not part of the village’s features. Seniors join groups and move from storefront to storefront experiencing something from the 1940s and 1950s each step of the way.

Glenner Town Square only takes seniors for the day. The goal is to give family caregivers a break or a way to step back in time with their parent. Family caregivers are still required to bring their parent home at the end of the day and care for them through the night.

When you care for a parent with Alzheimer’s, 24/7 care is exhausting. Even with an adult day center helping out, you’ll be required to drive your parent there, pick them up, remind them to take medications, and help them with personal care and grooming. Many caregivers burn out or become depressed.

Talk to us. Caregivers can help you with the care your mom or dad needs. This leaves you with time to run errands, have some downtime, or spend quality time with your parent.


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Andy Niska, Owner

Andy Niska, Owner

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Andy Niska, Owner