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Start Planning Holiday Gatherings Now to Avoid Stressful Situations

As Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings near, stress increases. For an elderly parent, crowds, noise, and activity can be alarming. This is especially true when Alzheimer’s is present.

Elderly Care in Spokane WA: Planning Ahead for Holiday Gatherings

Elderly Care in Spokane WA: Planning Ahead for Holiday Gatherings

Remembering who people are, inviting strangers into the home, and trying to be a host is very hard for someone with Alzheimer’s. Even if that’s not the case, some seniors are accustomed to a daily routine that’s quiet and organized. Holiday gatherings can bring chaos and messes.

If a gathering is being held elsewhere, your parents have to acclimate to a new area. If mobility is an issue, stairs may pose a big problem. Furniture may be difficult to get out of. Children running and knocking into the elderly can also be hazardous.

To prevent stress and frustration, advanced planning is essential. Here are things you and your family should discuss before hosting or attending a holiday gathering.

Is Travel Required?

Will your parents have to travel hours to reach the house where the gathering is being held? Do flights need to be arranged? If flights are necessary, you should make sure your parents have the required identification cards for travel. They may need a passport or an enhanced driver’s license.

If they will struggle to get from one gate to the next for a connecting flight, they may need help. Arrange assistance and wheelchair service as soon as possible and confirm it’s all set a day or two before the flight.

Is There Room for Everyone?

Does your parents’ house have enough room for those who will be attending? If the gathering is being held at another person’s home, is there enough room to avoid your mom and dad feeling crowded? If not, could you book a private room in a restaurant or hotel?

Is It Better if Your Parents Don’t Attend a Large Function?

It may be best to hold a smaller holiday gathering with immediate family at your mom and dad’s house. While you attend the larger function or host one at your house, an elderly care agency can provide you with respite care. Your parent stays home with someone offering the elderly care services they need, while you put in an appearance for your family.

Caregivers can also help through the holidays by taking your mom and dad to stores for holiday shopping. Meal preparation, laundry service, and assistance with personal care are also helpful. Call us to learn more about respite care and other services that help with elderly care.


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Andy Niska, Owner

Andy Niska, Owner

My career has focused on health care in several areas. From management and administration in a multi-specialty clinic, to sales and marketing in pharmaceutical and laboratory companies. I have experience in start-up companies, new product launches, mergers and acquisitions. The common thread in all my business interactions is always the patient. Caring for the patient, improving outcomes for the patient and serving the patient. There have been many patient types over the years of my career. Today my passion is caring for the elderly. I enjoy managing a company dedicated to helping seniors age gracefully and with dignity.
Andy Niska, Owner