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What is Nordic Walking and How Can It Help Your Aging Dad?

Have you seen any seniors in your area out walking while carrying what looks like ski poles? Nordic pole walking is catching on, and it’s benefiting many elderly men and women. The exercise program began in Finland more than 30 years ago. It’s designed to help skiers stay in shape in the off-season. It’s a great exercise program for diabetics who want to kick off National Diabetes Awareness Month by being more active.

Home Care in Spokane WA: Nordic Walking

Home Care in Spokane WA: Nordic Walking

How Does Nordic Walking Work?

With Nordic walking, you walk while carrying a walking stick in each hand. Those sticks look like ski poles without the spike at the end. Not only do the poles help you with balance, but they also urge a person to stand up straight and avoid being hunched over while walking.

This form of walking requires the use of the arms to push with the poles as you take each step. This helps burn extra calories, work out the upper body, and provides support if balance issues arise. While it is working the upper body and lower body at the same time, it’s not noticeable. It ends up providing the elderly with a full workout that never feels like a workout.

What Benefits Does It Offer.

First, your dad will get outside and walk around. That alone can improve cardiovascular health. If your dad wants to walk around his yard, the poles offer support. He’ll be able to explore nature trails, his neighborhood, and his yard in a safer manner than if he was walking without any cane, walker, or walking stick.

Second, this form of walking helps with balance. It does this by building up leg muscles. Balance skills often diminish with age, but walking can help. When your dad is out walking on a regular basis, he’ll find it’s easier to balance and that his muscles and joints help him with that necessary skill.

How Easy is it to Get Started?

Nordic walking is growing in popularity. Many senior centers are starting to add classes to their monthly calendars. If there isn’t one near your dad, he might find a group of seniors in his area who want to learn together. He’ll get into shape while making friends.

Sporting goods retailers and online stores like Amazon carry trekking poles and Nordic walking poles. Your dad may also find them used on sites like Craigslist. You can usually find a quality pair of poles for $50 to $100. With those poles and a comfortable pair of walking shoes, your dad has everything he needs to get started.

Have you thought about hiring someone to provide companionship while your dad goes out walking? Home care professionals provide a number of helpful services beyond companionship. They can cook meals, help him with housework, and drive him to appointments. Learn more about companionship services with home care today.

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Andy Niska, Owner

Andy Niska, Owner

My career has focused on health care in several areas. From management and administration in a multi-specialty clinic, to sales and marketing in pharmaceutical and laboratory companies. I have experience in start-up companies, new product launches, mergers and acquisitions. The common thread in all my business interactions is always the patient. Caring for the patient, improving outcomes for the patient and serving the patient. There have been many patient types over the years of my career. Today my passion is caring for the elderly. I enjoy managing a company dedicated to helping seniors age gracefully and with dignity.
Andy Niska, Owner