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Why is Lighting Important in Your Mom’s House?

One of the most overlooked aspects of senior care is lighting. How bright is the lighting in your mom’s house? Have you ever stopped to think about it? Is her hallway darker than her main living areas? How about her stairs and any covered porches? Dimly lit rooms pose a hazard and should be corrected.

Senior Care in Liberty Lake WA: Home Lighting

Senior Care in Liberty Lake WA: Home Lighting

How Does Lighting Pose a Hazard?

In dimly lit rooms, hallways, stairs, and entryways, the risk of falling on objects that aren’t immediately noticeable increases. A dark colored cat or dog sitting in a hallway can trip your parent. Your parent may run into a piece of furniture and fall. There’s also the risk of missing a step while going downstairs and falling down the stairs.

Every minute in the United States, an average of five senior citizens go to the emergency room following a fall. Each hour about three senior citizens die from injuries occurring during a fall. Fall prevention is important as your parent ages. Bright lighting is one of the first things you must do.

Lighting also impacts people with Alzheimer’s. Dimmer lighting can create shadows that are frightening to someone with Alzheimer’s. Sundowning also causes agitation and can be eased through the use of bright lighting before dusk and as the sun sets.

How Do You Increase Lighting?

Go through your mom and dad’s home before or after the sun rises or sets. Turn on lights and see if every corner of the room is illuminated. For rooms that have darker areas, put in lamps or nightlights. You may want to replace an older ceiling lamp with something that is energy efficient and brighter.

Track lighting works in larger narrow rooms. Install the lighting unit and position the different lights to point at different areas of the room. Light bulbs with stronger output can also help.

CFL bulbs became popular in the 1990s as states moved away from incandescent lighting. If your parent is still using them, replace them with LED. LED bulbs have dropped in price and don’t require time to brighten. Most CFL bulbs take a minute to reach their maximum brightness.

Get a Professional Home Safety Assessment.

There are other things within a home that can increase a senior’s fall risk. Find a checklist online or ask a home care agency if they do assessments. Some agencies will do a safety assessment when you’re looking into senior care services. With a safe home and the companionship and aide caregivers offer, your mom and dad can age at home without fear.


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Andy Niska, Owner

Andy Niska, Owner

My career has focused on health care in several areas. From management and administration in a multi-specialty clinic, to sales and marketing in pharmaceutical and laboratory companies. I have experience in start-up companies, new product launches, mergers and acquisitions. The common thread in all my business interactions is always the patient. Caring for the patient, improving outcomes for the patient and serving the patient. There have been many patient types over the years of my career. Today my passion is caring for the elderly. I enjoy managing a company dedicated to helping seniors age gracefully and with dignity.
Andy Niska, Owner